Heather Hancock is an interdisciplinary artist making mixed media art with glass. Her art is inspired by how people are engaged by information in the natural and built worlds. Heather’s work is informed by a Master of Science degree and a decade-long career in healthcare. Working in Chicago hospitals gave her a deep understanding of how engaging environments contribute to well-being. A Master Class at Orsoni Studio in Venice, Italy provided the technical basis for her work.  

Setting glass alongside industrial materials such as grout, cement and metal points to the contrast between the natural and manmade worlds and creates tension between light and dark, brilliance and opacity, vibrancy and restraint, fragility and permanence. Matte settings highlight luminous glass that shifts and shimmers with light and movement, catching attention and enticing viewers to look again.

Heather’s work hangs in private residences, and corporate, healthcare and government collections across the United States. Her work is included in the New Glass Now show at the Corning Museum of Glass, a juried global survey of innovations in contemporary glass.

CV [downloadable PDF]


2006. Architectural installations | Chicago Mosaic School, Chicago, IL

2005. Master Mosaic Class: History, Theory and Application | Venice, Italy

1993. MS in Speech Pathology and Audiology | University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


2019. New Glass Now | Corning Museum of Glass | Corning, NY

2019. Original Voices, group show | Ken Saunders Gallery | Chicago, IL

2018. Catching Light: the Art of Architecture (solo show) | Evanston Art Center

2017. Art Expo NY 2017 with Blink Gallery | Manhattan, NY

2016. Open Studios Evanston | Evanston, IL   

2016. Artificial Turf | CoStar Collective group show Evanston, IL    

2015. Proust project | Ken Saunders Gallery, Chicago, IL

2015 Proust project | American Psychoanalytic Association | art exhibit | New York City

2014. Ideas in Glass | Creative Co-Working | Evanston, IL

2012. Annual Glass Group Show | Water Street Gallery | Douglas, MI

2011. Lake Effects (2-person exhibit with painter Byron Gin) | Uncommon Ground on Clark, 3800 N Clark | Chicago, IL

2011. Imagining Mind | Solo Show at Montgomery Ward Gallery, University of Illinois at Chicago | Chicago, IL

2008. Artist Project | Artropolis at Merchandise Mart | Chicago, IL


Juried selection of Reflect 3.2 Curve for New Glass Review, 40, 2019. Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, NY.

Original Voices 2019 exhibition catalog. Ken Saunders Gallery. Chicago, IL.

Juried selection of Reflect 1.0 for New Glass Review, 39, 2019. Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, NY.

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2018. 6 piece art commission for Sutter Cathedral Hills Hospital, San Francisco, CA.

2016. 12 piece art commission for Kaiser Permanente Hospital, San Diego, CA. 

2016. Grow. 15’ x 30’ | temporary urban intersection mural. Commissioned by Streets Alive.

2015. Flourish. 5’ x 30’ | temporary exterior art installation. Commissioned by Downtown Evanston.

2015. 3 piece art commission for Hahn Building lobby, Evanston, IL. Commissioned by Robinson Realty.

2013. Link. 6’ x 35’. 5553 Clark St. Chicago, IL. Commissioned by Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and Good News Only Gallery.

2011. 5 piece art commission for Loyola Medical Center, Burr Ridge, IL

2007. Installation at Uncommon Ground restaurant at Devon, Chicago, IL. Commissioned by Helen and Michael Cameron.

Reflect 3.2 Curve | 48”x30” | handcut glass c Heather Hancock 2018  Corning Museum of Glass   New Glass Now  international survey through Jan 2020

Reflect 3.2 Curve | 48”x30” | handcut glass c Heather Hancock 2018 Corning Museum of Glass New Glass Now international survey through Jan 2020

Heather Hancock uses glass inlay to re-create the geometries of mid-century modern architectural facades, capturing a sense of the ephemeral within their otherwise highly rational compositions.
— Aric Chen | Jurist | Corning Museum of Glass
If one of the challenges of an artist is to make viewers look in a new way at what is familiar to them, Ms. Hancock has presented a body of work that does that in an arresting and rewarding way.
— Ellen Galland | RoundTable, Evanston, IL (review of Evanston Art Center solo show)
Heather’s incandescent images that were brought to mind as she responded to the fragrances of Proust’s world will encourage you to reflect on the open frontiers newly charted by science of mind.
— Virginia Barry, MD (Scratch and Sniff Proust)

Chicago Tribune Q&A with Heather Hancock

Genevieve Bookwalter 

Evanston artist Heather Hancock has lived in the north suburb since 1993. She primarily works with glass and her creations are featured in a show through May 26 at Evanston Art Center.

Q: How did you get involved with glasswork?

A: I came to my art practice via a career in health care. I worked for more than a decade in physical rehabilitation. I was passionate about helping others “live well” but there was a limit to what we could do in the health care setting. I came to see how important our physical surroundings are to our well-being, that beauty matters. Continue reading.

May 2018 (9 of 21)_1200px.jpg
City | 3@24”x24” handcut glass commissioned for Sutter Cathedral Hills Hospital, San Francisco, CA. c Heather Hancock 2018

City | 3@24”x24” handcut glass commissioned for Sutter Cathedral Hills Hospital, San Francisco, CA. c Heather Hancock 2018