Shimmering light and energetic forms
to complement striking spaces


Heather Hancock is a Chicago artist exploring urban light and perspective with glass. Heather has collaborated extensively with art consultants, architects and designers to place work in private residences and corporate, healthcare and government collections across the United States.

Heather’s work embraces the materials of modern architecture—glass and concrete—to capture the energy of the urban environment. Durable yet surprisingly light, work in each of her primary series can be shaped to a client’s story and space.

Frequent Questions

Wait, is this photography?

Nope! It’s hand-cut glass set in grout. Heather abstracts architectural forms and renders them in glass, capturing the energy of street-level perspectives and the play of light and shadow on the architectural materials. The end result is a dynamic, visually responsive effect that’s hard to capture in photos.

Are these pieces heavy or hard to hang?

The work is engineered to be surprisingly light and very easy to hang. The glass and grout are adhered on foam core and secured on custom wooden frames. Each piece ships with a standard metal z-cleat. At approximately 3 lbs / sq ft, even large pieces weigh only a fraction of the load capacity of the cleats.

Does the work require special lighting?

Glass loves light. The opaque, clear, mirrored and iridescent glasses in these pieces respond to natural and ambient light in your space. Natural irregularities in the glass play with the light as it changes in your space throughout the day. Custom lighting can enhance this effect and Heather has some simple tips to share from a lighting engineer. Just ask.

I’ve never seen anything like this!

That’s not really a question but thanks! Neither have we :)




Heather enjoys collaborating to meet the needs of commercial and residential clients, in sizes ranging from 24” x 24” to multi-panel full-wall compositions.

  • SCAN adapts well in content, color and size.

  • REFLECT can be inspired by particular buildings and realized at any scale.

  • GROW offers a shimmery biophilic design element

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Ready to hang

Work from Reflect series is available ready to hang individually or in multiples. Trade pricing is available to qualified resellers.

Technical details


All work is created with hand-cut glass, adhered to foam-core Wedi and infilled with grout. Mounted on custom wooden strainer frame and trimmed with anodized aluminum.

Also available unmounted for custom framing with a 3/4” rabbet (with some size limitations).

Samples available for client presentations »

Hanging / Weight

Work ships ready to hang with a standard metal z-cleat.

At approximately 3 lbs / sq ft, even large panels weigh only a fraction of the load capacity of standard z-cleats.



The work responds well to natural and ambient light. When possible, custom lighting will further enhance the presentation.

The work is permanently colorfast under any lighting conditions.