Private Homeowner | 2018 Chicago, IL United States

Commission: Reflect 4.1 2x38”x28” handcut glass inlayed in matte black grout



Statement pieces for high-end residential property. Architectural abstractions in the Reflect art series connect with the industrial details in a new construction contemporary mountain home and with the surrounding natural world via line, rhythm and repetition.

Project Goals

The clients wanted something contemporary and abstract rather than representational mountain imagery as statement pieces for the entry way in their new construction home. The entry way leads into a great room with a spectacular view of Lone Peak mountain.


Over a number of studio visits to see glass work in person, the clients selected a composition that they responded to. The diptych provides a bold shimmering visual experience and prepares viewers for the spectacular mountain views in the great room. The clients are delighted with the new connection between their urban city life and their mountain retreat.