detail handcut glass

detail handcut glass

Reflect 3.2 | curve 48”x 30” | handcut glass

“Heather Hancock uses glass inlay to re-create the geometries of mid-century modern architectural facades, capturing a sense of the ephemeral within their otherwise highly rational compositions.”

— Aric Chen, jurist, New Glass Now

New Glass Now | Corning Museum of Glass 2019 Corning, United States

Reflect 3.2 was included in a juried global survey show of innovations in contemporary glass at Corning Museum of Glass, running May 12- Jan 5, 2020.

Reflect borrows from the material vocabulary of contemporary architecture to consider the role of glass in the cityscape. Light reflecting on permanent architectural surfaces creates ephemeral moments of visual interest and discovery. Movement through the cityscape introduces geometric distortions and rhythms that engage our biologically rooted inclinations to decode information embedded in the geometries around us. In so doing, these architectural abstractions transform vast factory-made structures into familiar moments.

REFLECT info [downloadable PDF]