They’re perfect! I love the green. I love the iridescent blue. I love the hidden shiny black. Your art hung makes our place feel like home—it’s remarkable
— Client, Dallas, TX

Private homeowner | 2019 Dallas, United States

Commission: Scan 6.5 28”x48” handcut glass inlayed in matte black grout


Client wanted a vertical composition from Scan series to hang in a 2-story open stairwell in her new contemporary home in Dallas. The light-filled stairwell offers ideal natural light conditions for shimmering glass. A vertically stacked hanging of two pieces each 28”x48” was determined to be the best proportion on the wall. Mixed media with glass creates a bold and dynamic visual experience.

The vertical composition of abstracted text in Scan is inspired by the scanning and filtering of information required in daily life. The fonts selected offer a vertical rhythm which functions as a sort of urban vine, continually transforming and endlessly creative.


The client was provided with renderings of possible sizes/proportions of pieces in her space. A nature-inspired palette of grays with accents in bright green was suggested and rendered for client approval. Iridized glass is uniquely effective in catching ambient light, adding to the dynamic quality of the hanging.

SCAN info [downloadable PDF]