Private Homeowner 2015 | Chicago, IL United States

Commission: Scan 3.1 3@58”x30” handcut glass inlayed in matte black grout


Project Team

ARTIST Heather Hancock Heather Hancock Studio
INDUSTRY RESOURCE FredEric's Frame Studio INTERIOR DESIGNER Travis CliftonT Clifton Design


A large-scale art installation to bring visual interest and color into this residential 3rd floor entertainment space.

Project Goals

The designer and client selected the graphic concept, Scan, from artist's portfolio. A bold, popping color palette was requested to anchor this otherwise neutral, light-filled space. Process

Developed color and glass palette collaboratively with designer based on accessories and other elements in the space and other color inspirations. Worked with installer and framer to develop appropriate support structure with integrated wood cleat and waxed poplar wood edging.