Impel series

Impel2 detail1
Impel2 (2009) detail

Impel explores our relentless drive to move forward: to see, explore, communicate.  Our experience results in connections, interactions and impingements that contribute to constant change and evolution in how we see ourselves in relation to the world.

The reality of constant change, particularly within a family unit, has become increasingly salient to me. The constant 'bumping' against one another inevitably leads to change. The broader social context introduces another source of variation, shifting and responding to local interactions and also moving and directing activity. Impel attempts to capture the constant movement of a social landscape.


Impel2 full

Impel2 (2009) 24" x 24" glass, 24k smalti, grout on MDF




I completed several small-scale pieces to explore the concept and forms in glass.  Working with sheet glass gave me significantly more flexibility in cutting the envisioned forms.  24k gold smalti introduces pinpoints of intense color and reflectance which assist in maintaining a dynamic composition.

Impel sketch1 detail Impel sketch1 (2009) detail 8" x 8" glass, 24k smalti, grout on wood

Impel sketch4 detail

Impel sketch4 (2009) detail 8" x 8" glass, 24k smalti, grout on wood

Impel splash2 detail

Impel splash2  (2010) detail  glass, 24k smalti, grout


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