FLOAT links directly back to earlier work in the Flow series. Flow explores movement through space and time with inevitable convergences and divergences. Trace (2006) was a four-part composition in this series, incorporating my ever-present circle form and organic interconnecting lines. My experiments with a threaded 24k gold smalti line as a linking device started with Trace. A recent commission for a healthcare facility brought me back to the Flow series which I used as a starting point to develop Float (2011), a multi-piece composition using new materials and cutting techniques. FLOAT has now been included in my Mosaic Elements series, offering the next iteration of movement through space and time. FLOAT suggests an aqueous setting and visual inspirations include droplets and bubble forms on water. The pieces in the Mosaic Element FLOAT series can be used as a narrative sequence with the shimmering sphere moving across the three pieces. Or a more graphic visual pattern emerges by using multiples of the same piece hung in different orientations. Color palette 'shine' suggests a sunlit daytime version while 'mist' conveys a shimmering moonscape.

See FLOAT Mosaic Elements