Studio Experiment: Connect 1.0

One of things that I have realized is that I'm essentially doing R&D: developing hypotheses, setting up experiments, executing, learning from the outcomes, revising my hypotheses and setting up the next experiment. Research has addressed concepts ranging from memory, the narrative self, the conscious moment through to identity and place, information processing and the evolving social landscape. Line, form, color, glass, adhesives, grouts are all variables in the research process. Every series is developed and iterated based on the outcomes of each experiment. I'm sure this model is a result of my science background and years of clinical practice in the data-driven healthcare industry. And I like it. I have always been compelled to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing. Same holds in my art studio/lab.

Within this R&D mindset, I want to do more small experiments this year. Take some outlier ideas in my drawing portfolio to develop and realize in glass. I always learn unexpected things in the translation from line to surface.

Connect 1.0 is an experiment with glass stringer. Stringer is tiny (2mm) and I am captivated by these precision lines, reduced even further by grout. I usually work with curving lines but I have had a circuit board sitting on my desk for months. I love the straight inter-connected lines and circles. I am fascinated by this maze as the basis of information flow and organization.