Urban exploring

Summer is all about different rhythms and inputs and inspirations. Part of developing a sustainable studio practice requires spending more time on marketing and applications and submissions. But the only way I can stay motivated on the marketing front is if I'm getting equal amounts of reading and writing and photographing and drawing and, ideally, cutting time. This week my photography inputs were at the south Evanston viaducts at Mulford, a 5 minute bike ride from my studio. Photography has become an important tool in my intention to 'notice what you notice.' Over time, I've discovered that my images gradually inform my drawing practice in ways I can't predict or anticipate. I have been posting on Instagram lately and find it to be a quick and very playful way to notice and share a moment. Here are a few of yesterday's finds; I love these urban surfaces and textures and lines. viaducts at Mulford, Evanston, IL | concrete surfaces+lines

viaducts at Mulford, Evanston, IL | paint on concrete

viaducts at Mulford, Evanston, IL | metal and concrete surfaces + line