So I met this leaf

I met a leaf on the way to yoga yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Wrong side up and covered with drops of moisture, it was a beautiful form that I could envision as a continuous element for the Bloom 4.0 series. I was delighted when it was still there on my way home.  Thinking in glass means considering how light and concept interact as well as the connection between form and technique (as in, can this form be cut from glass). There are more and less cut-able forms and some part of my drawing practice seems to be about finding the next cutting challenge. At one point, this significantly constrained my drawing but now, working in sheet glass, I can cut largely anything I can draw with some modifications. I am a little obsessed with creating forms with complex interior elements. Bloom 4.1 features flowing, organic forms that provide a background of abstract continuous foliage. I've been waiting to use these forms but at small scale it is really difficult to create smooth, coherent exterior and interior lines. This new leaf form is an easily cut additive form which can be reduced to a spare, stencil shape and still offer a continuous foliage structure for a small-scale resolution piece. leaf on the ground


leaf sketch


Bloom 4.2 protoype