exterior art installation with brick

In my installation work, I approach glass as an architectural surface that can add a vibrant visual narrative to a space. Integrating glass alongside other precision architectural surfaces creates the opportunity for both a conceptual and material dialogue. I am interested in re-thinking ornamentation as an opportunity for meaningful viewer engagement. The next project integrates glass within a niche in a gorgeous textured brick wall. The goal is to create a composition that both connects with and reads against this strong brick patterning. The red ceramic parrot is out-of-context in an Evanston backyard; however, the homeowner has bird imagery in much of her extensive art collection so a re-working of the bird concept is a goal.

WIP | brick wall niche before | color palette

The niche is small and will be seen at a distance from the back yard and patio, so bold, simple compositional elements with color palette tie-ins will create an integrated installation. Abstracted tree trunks using vertical elements play off the strong horizontal patterning of the brick. The completely lovely concept of home as nest is expressed using crisp, graphic elements.

graphic nest | cutting | c Heather Hancock 2014