Proust project: dreams

On schedule to complete the final two pieces in the Proust project this week. I settled on a palette of cool and warm grays, gray-greens and gray-blues to evoke a floating, dreamy experience.

The composition for Dream is cropped from the larger drawing for Flourish, the piece connected to the last chapter about psychoanalysis. All elements in these pieces are curving and vining, suggesting fluidity of time, interconnectedness of experience and ultimately flourishing. Our central ‘constructive memory’ circles have transformed into a path, connecting with the concepts of illumination and the journey. Curved and fragmented text elements point to the function of dreams in consolidating and organizing experience and to the importance of language as a tool in psychoanalysis. New ambiguous compositional elements may read as a code or information or connect with literal imagery in previous pieces.

WIP | Dreams | Proust project c Heather Hancock 2014

The basic compositional structure is now re-worked into a fragmented, abstract vision of dreaming and a flourishing, blooming concept for psychoanalysis.