FB art share | day 1/5

Enjoyed curating 5 selections of recent works for the FB art share so I'm adding here on the blog as well. In a past life I was a speech language pathologist with a focus on neurogenic communication disorders. My work often explores how we engage with and process information...neurons, attention, abstracted text, dreams. Finding pattern within noise is deeply satisfying for the human mind. Spending more than a decade in healthcare environments also attuned me to the importance of our surroundings to well-being and quality of life. Humans thrive in engaging environments. Glass is a uniquely powerful media that shifts and shimmers with light and motion.

Trace 2.1 | 14" x 14" | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2014

Scan 3.2 | 18" x 24" | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2013

Proust project: Dreams | 12" x 16" | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2014

More recent work here.