FB art share | day 4/5

Enjoyed curating 5 selections of recent works for the FB art share so I'm adding here on the blog as well.well. A recent commission, Transform 1.2, was taken from an invited design proposal for State of Illinois Art-in-Architecture project for the Engineering Sciences department at Parkland College in Champaign. Hard-edged line and geometries of an industrial vocabulary are integrated with abstracted forms inspired by the surrounding natural world.

I'm interested in how our vocabulary of beauty is informed by the built world. There are many elements in the built world that offer parallel engagement to those found in the natural world. Possibly because their original design is nature-inspired; maybe because we are innately attuned to find points of order, symmetry, repetition as well as variation, complexity, roughness.

Transform 1.2 | 12" x 12" | glass, stringer, hardware c Heather Hancock 2014

Transform 1.1 | 16" x 16" | glass, stringer, hardware c Heather Hancock 2014

Invited design proposal | Transform c Heather Hancock 2014

Transform | inspiration image c Heather Hancock 2014

More recent work here.