Live vibrantly | glass in grayscale

Over the past month, I have selected some series from my portfolio to explore in grayscale at a larger size. I am developing a range of linear+geometric and curving+organic pieces as part of my "art to be lived with" offerings. Impervious to light and water, glass is uniquely suited for kitchens, bathrooms and light-filled living spaces. live vibrantly | Scan | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2015

I often recommend selecting a neutral or grayscale palette for permanent residential installations. Shimmering glass in a neutral palette offers timeless visual interest while avoiding ever-changing color trends. Or neutrals with a pop of color can bring in a color element without overpowering the clarity of a neutral palette. One of my favorite color accents is grayscale with green which makes a direct connection between the natural world and built world.

Float | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2015


I love this connection between the raw beauty of buildings and architectural surfaces and the growing, blooming force of nature. Everything I make in glass is a sort of conceptual living wall. I wanted to photograph the pieces at the intersection between the built world of functional surfaces and technology and the often overlooked flourishing natural world. First concept image is of the graphic piece Scan which offers abstracted letter form as part encoded information, part writing on the wall, part thriving vines.

Impel | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2015

Grow | glass+grout c Heather Hancock 2015