Sycamore | creating a kitchen view

I've always been fascinated by the patterns on sycamore tree trunks with their mottled camo colors and shedding irregular curved patches making them somewhere between beautiful and surreal, certainly surprising. So when clients asked if I would develop art for their kitchen reflecting the sycamores lining the street outside their home, I was intrigued. sycamore bark

Rather than a literal approach to the patchy bark, I proposed an irregular ray concept for the bark to get at the visual surprise of encountering sycamores. The structural elements of transmission towers served as the visual inspiration for the bark, integrating natural with built world elements.Β A palette of warm neutrals and pale yellow and olive green for the bark element contrasts with the popping green foliage and sky blue background to bring color and interest to the client's kitchen.

The pieces are edged in anodized aluminum and integrated hanging hardware for easy hanging.


Sycamore | art for kitchen backsplash | 3 @ 14"x22" c Heather Hancock 2015

sycamores | 3@14"x22" | photo credit: Laura Urban

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