Opus Veritas

Opus Veritas: Fragments of Truth

An International Juried Exhibition of Mosaic Art
Presented by the Society of American Mosaic Artists
Museo ItaloAmericano, San Francisco, CA
Jan - Apr 2004

"Opus Veritas: Fragments of Truth reflects the diversity of both mosaic art and the artists who create it. The exhibited works illustrate a broad range of aesthetics, styles and techniques. Mosaics vary from abstract to objective, large sculpture to small in scale, all created from a variety of materials ranging from handmade tesserae to recycled materials. The artists come from large cities and small towns. They may be professionals, instructors or hobbyists working on small objects or large walls. Yet there is a common thread, the thread that connects all mosaic artists: each mosaic was assembled one tessera at a time, building the artist's personal vision with the goal of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer.

"The Society of Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and the popularity of mosaic art both continue to grow at an astonishing rate. This year one hundred and thirty one artists from seven countries entered their work into our third annual exhibition. As the varied membership continues to grow,
both board members and volunteers meet the challenges with dedication. Just like a mosaic, we all work together to achieve a cohesive whole."

from the catalog