Impel splash1 project

In updating this kitchen, the client chose a gorgeous dark turquoise matte 1" x 3" glass surround tile and specified a palette of greens and blues for the mosaic inset. There are several interruptions and volume changes in this backsplash, so I wanted to develop one intricate, compelling visual focal point with hand-cut mosaic glass.

As I began sketching for this project, the 'Impel' series concept emerged:  the basic impulse to move forward and the consequent changes and evolution in form and contour from interactions, connections and impingements.  This idea of constant change both of ourselves and those around us has become important to me.  Specifically I have been considering the dynamic within a family and the constant change and movement that is inherent to that unit.

After developing the drawing and a pattern, cutting was done in my studio.  Each piece in the mosaic inset is cut individually and adhered to a fiberglass mesh.

IMG_4475_2 Impel splash1 7" x 7" inset ready for installation


The mesh is then installed directly into the thinset at installation.


IMG_4643_2 Impel splash1 mosaic inset and surround tile is affixed to the drywall with thinset


Grouting is the final step in the process and it is always so gratifying to see the whole project come together.


Final kitchen 16x10 Impel splash1 2009


Their kitchen has a completely refreshed and modern, urban feel to it with the custom functional art installation providing visual interest in a space where they'll spend a ton of time.