Emerge series

Emerge is an exploration of the constructive process of consciousness. By means of attending, a coherent conscious moment of being emerges from a fleeting, fluid background of neuronal activity. This moment fades and a new set of sensations come to the fore. These moments of attending take place within contexts--the internal contexts of personal history and perceptions and the external social contexts to which we are so keenly attuned.

Emerge4 full 16x10 Emerge4 (2009) each panel 24" x 24" glass, grout, acrylic spray paint on MDF

Foliage was arbitrarily chosen to create a coherent context. The forms of the shadowed foliage are reduced to their essence by the absence of light. The frame of glass can be read as illumination, parallel to the moment of conscious awareness. Light allows the perception of additional information: color, contrast, depth.

Emerge4 detail 16x10 Emerge4 detail (2009) each panel 24" x 24" glass,grout, acrylic spray paint on MDF

Emerge3 detail 16x10 Emerge3 (2009) detail 24" x 24" glass, grout, acrylic spray paint on MDF

Emerge lends support to my claim of the inherent symbolic capital of glass as a conceptual medium.  Glass captures and manipulates light, providing a mechanism for incorporating light (reflectance, absorption) as an element in the piece.

Two diptychs from the Emerge series were included in a juried group show in downtown Evanston as part of the Art-Under-Glass program. Different lighting conditions verifies the dynamic nature of the work.

Lit 16x7 art under glass Emerge4 and Emerge5 showing downtown Evanston

Unlit artunderglass 16x7 Emerge4 and Emerge5 showing downtown Evanston

More images of Emerge series can be seen on Flickr:

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