3 pieces published in "Breakout!"

Realize2 detail image

Realize2 (2009) detail  24" x 24" glass, 24k smalti, grout, acrylic paint on MDF

Images of Realize2 (above), Emerge5 and Bend7 (see below) are included in Brit Hammer's most recently published book BREAKOUT! Your Pathway to Success.

BREAKOUT! takes up where Brit Hammer’s best-selling book, Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice, leaves off—the business aspect of visual art. This book serves as a personal guide for artists in developing a successful art business.



Bend7 (2008) detail 18" x 24" glass, 24K smalti, acrylic paint on wood


Emerge5 (2009) glass, grout, acrylic spray paint on MDF


I submitted these three pieces in response to Brit's international open call for art that is informed by mosaic and mosaic techniques but falls outside the traditional mosaic label in exploring new territory.  Each piece is featured with a 2-page spread.

Brit's book is a great resource for artists, offering a holistic approach to developing an art practice. There is plenty of specific, concrete information about the business of art.  Brit combines this with personal reflection and journaling exercises to encourage a deeper engagement with defining success, finding motivation and following one's passion.