Connect 3.1: Connecting worlds

Connect 3.1 (36"x21" | glass, stringer, grout) is installed and sparkling in a home with views of the Rockie mountains, Bow river valley, prairie and the downton Calgary in Alberta, Canada. This has been an exciting collaboration with homeowners looking for a piece to connect with the extraordinary surroundings of their new home. I cut the piece in my studio and thinset to a lightweight waterproof backerboard. Given the size of the piece, I cut it into six sections and packaged for transport. The surround tile of ceramic is 5/8" so my 3/8" pieces needed to float out to create a flush installation. The stringer section was an extreme grouting challenge. The tiny stringers were tacked with thinset but ultimately needed very careful grouting to avoid detaching. Love this new step in the lines and forms of the Connect series. Definitely more to come in this series. Connect 3.1


More images of Connect 3.1 here.