Information decoding: next steps in Scan series

I'm working on a next step in my Scan series. Scan originated as an exploration of our inclination to detect and decode pattern using a linguistic context. This impulse to decipher abstracted letter forms leads to the cognitive engagement I strive for in my work. Scan 3.0 is a series of collaged abstracted letter forms using paint and ungrouted glass. I loved how glass literally layers against the painted elements, functioning as both a form and a lens to access additional information. glass mosaic art

I want to figure out the grouted version of this work. The challenge is the limited resolution for layering using only cut glass elements. I have experimented with using underpainted elements but there are technical issues with not being able to use thinset and not having a perfectly clear adhesive alternative. An under-painted image in a grouted piece is also difficult to perceive at small scale.