Information in structure: Next steps in Scan series

The concept for Scan 5.1 is taking shape. The Scan series is about detecting pattern and information using a linguistic context. Scan 5.1 extends the idea of finding information to the urban landscape. Forms were abstracted from a bridge or pulley or crane that I attempt to photograph every time we drive over the Chicago Skyway and get a glimpse into the awe-inspiring industrial landscape around Gary, IN. information in structure | bridge in Gary, IN

This particular commission is a wedding gift and a bridge certainly works as an interesting metaphor: a carefully designed and rigorously constructed structure to support, connect and move across an otherwise inaccesible span. Aesthetically, this will be an urban, collaged piece with significant black grout component. Getting to the right resolution for a small 14" x 14" piece presents some challenges. The plan is to use grout as the positive space and gray tint glass as the negative space for the element on the left. Stringer will be used to create the intricate structure on the right side of the piece. The pulley form was reduced down to a geometric shape that could be rendered in glass. Cut in pale amber and medium iridescent amber, I am expecting it to read as an organic element as well as an industrial form. This connects with the idea of beauty in structure.

composition | Scan 5.1| glass mosaic art