Serendipitous reflections and refractions

I got such a nice email from a client this weekend. These extreme DIY-ers commissioned Realize8, a set of three mosaic insets which they embedded within tempered glass for an incredibly sleek installation. Check out the kitchen they did themselves--they integrated a lot of different elements into a sophisticated and cohesive space. Realize8 art backsplash


Realize8 art backsplash

On Sunday, she noticed a wild pattern of light refracted by one of the Realize 8 mosaic insets and sent these images. Their skylights must allow for this particular interaction of sunlight and glass.

Realize8 art backsplash | refracted light

Realize8 art backsplash | refracted light

I love these serendipitous reflections and refractions. My obsession with glass stems largely from the way in which the piece is co-created with the viewer in a given context. Glass comes to life by motion and interplay with light. Viewers passing by glass mosaics become participants in interaction with a series of moments that illuminate a space. All glass is reflectant but there are two materials that are particularly dynamic: 24k gold smalti and iridescent glass. 24k gold smalti is a spectacularly reflectant material and literally glows in low or indirect light conditions. Iridescent glass functions in a similar way shifting with light and movement but 'rainbow' iridescence can wildly expand the color palette. I typically use those with a more limited range of color variation to ensure a cohesive palette in all lighting conditions. I approach compositions thinking about how to use reflectance as a meaningful element that in shifting will catch attention and then contain new information to sustain attention.

More about Realize8 art installation can be found here.

Realize8 | detail