Studio experiment: prairie meets urban

Fall was all about harvest on a grain farm in Alberta. Harvest was equal parts stress and excitement. There was a huge amount of timing, equipment and logistics to coordinate. All alongside the often uncooperative weather. As a kid, harvest meant eating picnic dinners in the field; riding in the tractor mesmerized by the swath of grain feeding into the combine; and studying the tessellated rows of freshly cut, pale yellow stubble that were left behind.
A new visual experiment is taking form: prairie forms meet urban lines.The visual inspiration for this studio experiment came from another circuit board. The graphic lines linking 'organic' forms offered me the solution I've needed to address prairie imagery. Placing organic forms alongside tessellated circuitry-inspired lines connects withΒ the idea about finding unexpected points of beauty in the urban landscape. Living in urban settings requires new ways of finding beauty and connecting with nature.


cutting glass | prototype 1


inspiration image | prairie meets urban


WIP_studio experiment_10"x10"