Living wall | concepts

I adore living walls. I clip them from magazines. I pin them onto my Pinterest board. I imagine how I could make one work in my little urban courtyard. But I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a perennial living wall in our Chicago climate. Given our need for year-round color and visual interest, I'm thinking about glass as a sustainable, zero-maintenance proxy for plants. So I'm starting to generate concepts for a living wall in glass. And, as always, I want to figure out my own abstracted version. Presumably it would need to be a fairly large installation to create a visual impression so it needs to be easily fabricated. I like the idea of using my 'urban lines' (inspired by technology, infrastructure, traffic markings etc of the built world) to create a natural-meets-urban-world composition. prototyping | living wall concepts | c Heather Hancock 2014


I used pale gray grout to keep the pieces very light and bright. And since it's an outdoor concept, I wanted to see it on an exterior surface.