Growing season

Summer brings me back to the world of plants and foliage where constant growth and motion meet continuity and coherence. Lines borrowed from the world of technology become the growing stems for heads of grain in the series Grow. Writer friend Tate Gunnerson dubbed this concept "digital prairie," succinctly capturing my interest in the finding the points of intersection between the built and natural worlds.

digital prairie and urban vines | 10" x 10" prototypes c Heather Hancock 2014

The intricate circuitry line on my 5K race timing chip triggered another version of Urban VineThe line is re-envisioned as vining and growing within a spare segmented urban landscape. Rendered in shimmering glass, the line comes to life with motion and light.

The built world is necessarily composed of segments, repeating elements and material transitions. Cut glass artworks have the same material requirements: individual elements and transitions composing a whole. This material connection makes it an ideal artform for inquiry into concepts of continuity and discontinuity, unity and intermittence in the natural and built worlds.

urban vine and digital prairie | prototypes 10" x 10" c Heather Hancock 2014

Living in urban settings requires new ways of discovering beauty and staying connected to nature.

See renderings of how I envision these concepts at larger scale.

digital prairie and urban vines