Architectural Installations

Impel 5.3

Impel 5.3 | 36" x 28" | c Heather Hancock 2013 Impel 5.3 is installed and sparkling in a brand new home on the northshore.

Impel offers a microcosm of the social landscape; we are constantly changing and being changed by interactions with others. Ribbons of grout and glass dance through the piece, pulling the eye through twists and curves. The visual reference for this piece was wisps of smoke that twist and double back in a mesmerizing layers and lines. Strong contrasts between luminous glass and matte grout, curving forms and the light- (and attention-) catching iridescence and shine of glass take the work beyond decoration to viewer engagement.

See full images of Impel 5.3 installed here.



Coming Soon to a Wall Near You

The Mosaic Elements are all ready to go. Now I need to figure out how to present this new offering. I want to convey that Mosaic Elements can transform your space, like magic. Your glance is rewarded with a moment of surprise and discovery as you decipher the sparkling forms. The image in reflectant glass and gold shimmers and shifts as you move. You can transform your space in an instant by hanging Mosaic Elements just the way you want—in singles, multiples, as repeated motifs—and by changing it up as often as you like. Step 1: The Concept

Short of traipsing to every last friend’s home to snap pictures of Mosaic Elements perched precariously in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms I’ve been stumped by how to communicate this vision. My idea-guy husband suggested testing these magical properties of Mosaic Elements by transforming something that’s clearly un-transformable. Say an EL viaduct or a crumbling concrete bridge or steel girder or construction fence. Take away the distraction of a limiting, specific context and let the Mosaic Elements work their magic on a fully imaginary, technically impossible setting. Love it. Game on.

Step 2: How to Temporarily Affix the Mosaic Elements

Today was spent figuring out how to affix the Mosaic Elements to crumbling concrete. Several products and as many trips to Home Depot later, I discovered the wondrous 3M Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape. The tape is weather resistant and works on rough exterior surfaces. Four inches of the tape holds up to 5 lbs. Weighing in at a pound, the Mosaic Elements are light and need just a couple inches of tape. Tested it. Perfect! One giant roll is now en route from Amazon.

Here are the concept pictures shot on the cement wall outside my studio door.

Stay tuned for Step 3: Locating the perfect urban wasteland.

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Uncommon Ground restaurant installation

Ug_bthrm1_detail19crop A new mosaic installation is now complete at Uncommon Ground restaurant in Edgewater.

Uncommon Ground's owners invited me to design "uncommon bathrooms" for their second location recently opened at 1401 Devon (at Glenwood).

The central concept for the mosaic installation is Uncommon Ground as a gathering place where ideas are exchanged and evolve.  Abstracted botanical imagery makes reference to the rooftop garden which will provide organic herbs and vegetables of the restaurant.

In the 1st bathroom, working above the existing white tile, I developed a band of sparkling mosaic in lush greens with insets of vintage china and and a floral motif in oranges and blues that gain enough momentum to escape the border. For the 2nd small bathroom, I translated the same concepts into a vertical floor-to-ceiling mosaic element surrounded by an entire wall of gorgeous apple green surround tile.  A fragmented artist statement is incorporated into a meander of mirror in both bathrooms.

By collaborating with painter Erica Jane Huntzinger, thematic and color concepts from the mosaic elements are carried through in the gorgeous oil paintings on the doors.

Flow splash 1

Mosaic Backsplash for Modern Colonial Style Kitchen

For this rehabbed colonial home in Wilmington, North Carolina, Heather worked remotely with the owners throughout the design process. Concepts, patterns and design/installation considerations were discussed by phone and email. The client then received color sketches and sample tile boards via mail to finalize color schemes and surround tile selections. The final mosaics on mesh are delivered with extensive instructions for installers. Surround tile and materials can also be sourced by Heather.

Gallery of images from flow splash 1, including the design and execution process.

Spark - Mosaic Fireplace Surround


Fireplace Surround Photo Gallery | Slideshow

The Glimpse Series has graduated from art boards to an architectural installation as a fireplace surround, lending a modern sensibility to a Victorian rehab by the architectural firm of Soucie Horner. The fireplace is a focal point of a child's bedroom. Playfully tying form to the fireplace's original function, flow's curves take on "sparks" of iridescent red and orange glass.

Also view the gallery of sketches and photos of this contemporary mosaic architectural installation in progress.