Uncommon Ground restaurant installation

Ug_bthrm1_detail19crop A new mosaic installation is now complete at Uncommon Ground restaurant in Edgewater.

Uncommon Ground's owners invited me to design "uncommon bathrooms" for their second location recently opened at 1401 Devon (at Glenwood).

The central concept for the mosaic installation is Uncommon Ground as a gathering place where ideas are exchanged and evolve.  Abstracted botanical imagery makes reference to the rooftop garden which will provide organic herbs and vegetables of the restaurant.

In the 1st bathroom, working above the existing white tile, I developed a band of sparkling mosaic in lush greens with insets of vintage china and and a floral motif in oranges and blues that gain enough momentum to escape the border. For the 2nd small bathroom, I translated the same concepts into a vertical floor-to-ceiling mosaic element surrounded by an entire wall of gorgeous apple green surround tile.  A fragmented artist statement is incorporated into a meander of mirror in both bathrooms.

By collaborating with painter Erica Jane Huntzinger, thematic and color concepts from the mosaic elements are carried through in the gorgeous oil paintings on the doors.