Float is my first commission for a healthcare setting and it was a first in developing a concept for an unbuilt space. Most commissioned projects start by considering ways to refer to elements in either the external, physical surroundings or an interior, conceptual context. In this case, the project art consultant gave me general parameters: she identified pieces from the Flow series as the starting point for the project. Together we developed a color palette to coordinate with the planned palette for the space. And then she set me free.

One of my interests about art in healthcare is whether cognitive stimulation can become an integral part of a healing environment. My work is always about finding that balance between aesthetic appeal and cognitive engagement. Float is a simple, flowing pattern (certainly making reference to flowing water) with a shimmering sphere that literally floats through the 5 separate pieces in the composition. At a glance, a viewer might see shimmering glass, strong contrasts of matte grout and gloss glass and a saturated palette of earth tones. With further attention, a viewer may see that the same shimmering sphere is present in each panel and trace its trajectory across the pieces. A tiny trace of white gold offers yet another abstract connection between the 5 pieces, another visual path to explore. In offering a coherent visual pattern, I hope that Float serves as both respite from the stresses of a medical setting and as a new imaginative context that can engage another mind.

Float composite1_8852

Complete set of images of Float can be seen at: heatherhancockart.com