Views from the El

I learned to see Chicago from the El. As I journeyed from my home in Rogers Park to work at Weiss Memorial Hospital, the windows of the El framed my transitory view of the city. Glimpses of back-porch gardens, ornate details in terra cotta, and elaborate chalk drawings interrupted the visual monotony of brick, concrete, and wood. It is these moments of surprise and discovery that animate my art. The conceptual underpinning of my work lies with my ideas about attention, identity, and placeโ€”ideas that first emerged during my decade-long career in health care. My compositions contrast luminous glass with matte settings, directing the viewerโ€™s focus through line and form. The materials I use are as durable as they are beautiful. Glass comes to life by motion and interplay with light. Viewers passing by glass mosaics become participants in interaction with a series of moments that illuminate a shared space.