Studio experiment: Connect 2.0

I'm not sure what I'll end up calling this series. For now, I see it as the next iteration in the Connect series. Connect 2.1 is inspired by a recent ride on the El to re-live the experience of seeing Chicago via El as when we first moved here in the mid-1990s. I think part of my interest in creating a moment of surprise and discovery comes from learning to see Chicago from the El. The windows of the El frame fleeting glimpses of other lives and spaces and lines. My drawing practice is generally inspired by forms and lines found in nature. Curves and foliage and growth potential are in evidence. But a new set of lines is emerging. These feel like urban forms with motion and direction and angular geometry that I associate with the built environment at various scales, possibly as seen through a window.

Growing up on a farm in Alberta with a full shop and many little drawers filled with washers and bolts and nuts and other fascinating metal objects is clearly another formative experience. I finally found my opportunity to use these gorgeous oversized washers, sourced from the many little drawers at Ace Hardware.

contemporary glass art

More pieces in the works.